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from 1pc.- 6 mdl
from 11pc.- 5 mdl
from 22pc.- 4.5 mdl
x pc
2 460 mdl
156mdl/pcx pc
2 460 mdl
234mdl/pcx pc
2 460 mdl
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Why is it profitable to order the delivery of balloons in our store?

Customers choose ALOBEBE for their service and sales approach. We provide only high-quality products and think over everything that is needed. For example, we set low prices (from 69 lei. For one product unit) and always replace deflated balls with new ones.

Other benefits:

  1. Same day delivery. Alternatively, you can collect the balloons yourself at the Banulescu Badoni office.
  2. Guarantees. Balloons fly from 3 days to a month (depending on environmental factors, and especially - from air humidity). The secret & mdash; in the treatment of the inner surface with Ultra Hi-Float gel. It is certified safe and hypoallergenic in the United States.
  3. Composition builder to create unique decor. All you need is & mdash; internet access and fantasy!
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